The axis of rotation you missed and the secrets

Date: 2018-10-11

The rotating shaft is an often overlooked part. Here are a few of its secrets.

1. The degree of shaft size affects the degree of thinness of the product

The size of the rotating shaft is designed according to the structure of the product and the actual needs. If it is installed in the closed state of the product, it can be seen whether the product is thin or not.

2. Why is grease added to the shaft

If the shaft is installed on the product for a long time, there may be unsmooth opening or sound when it is opened and closed. Adding grease to the shaft can reduce the wear of the shaft and make it easier to open and close, thus extending the service life of the shaft.

3. How does the operating environment affect the rotation axis

The requirements for the rotating shaft vary with the use environment. For example, the rotary shaft is installed on the base of the TV. Generally, the size of the rotary shaft is larger than that of the flying shovel. Therefore, when selecting the rotary shaft, we should choose the shaft with high damping force and long service life.

4. Function of rotating shaft

The product can open and merge freely and stop at any Angle, and it can change the usage state of different positions flexibly when the product is used.